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Transform favorites into potent pages
for refocusing, effortlessly.

We toss our homepage
without ever organizing our favorites

Productivity. Super intuitive and worry free

Tile your favorites

An intuitive way to sort and quickly find bookmarks

Do not add one by one

Generated according to favorites, you don't need to manage a new tab.
Keep your habit and just click the Favorites button.
Give us the rest

Privacy. Very private and safe

As a porter of favorites

We will not record your favorite information, nor upload it to the server. Xiaoshu just moves your favorite data to a new tab, so that private data remains private

More secure based on new protocols

Based on Manifest V3, Xiaoshu strictly controls the required permissions and does not load any remote code

Powerful. From today on,
make your bookmarks powerful again

Kanban, notes, sorting, progress tracking, various cards, Xiaoshu is proficient in everything

Personalization. Create a dedicated tab

Wallpaper, theme, theme color, randomly set layout, display effect, custom CSS

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